Your Life in Numbers

Online sessions with Lizzie via Zoom

One Session

Right here, right now is a perfect time to take a look at where you are on your journey.  Times are confusing and things have changed. So getting clear on your Right Action going forward will be time well spent.  Numerology is the perfect tool to help with your  personal development through these changing times. 


Take up a Zoom session to discuss the significance of your Personal Year vibration, and the fog will begin to clear. Information on each of the 9 years can be used as a an opportunity to look at the bigger picture, helping you to set goals and achieve self mastery.

45 min Zoom session


Three Stage Course

It can be confusing trying to unravel the meaning behind the numbers from a book alone, and so I have developed a programme, which can be accessed via Zoom, to help you understand the basics. You will learn through discussion and exercises which will greatly enhance your understanding of the numbers. You will also receive by post a workbook which will provide everything you need to enhance your understanding of this fascinating subject.


Week 1 :


Your Destiny/Life Path Number vibrations.


This number is derived from your date of birth and acts as the main stage on which you are able to strut your stuff. If you are after personal growth in your life then delving into the meaning behind this number will help you immensely.   


Week 2 :


The Birth Name vibrations.

Your name vibrations contain many insights into what makes you tick. Undertaking this level will teach you how to find your Motivation number (sometimes known as the Soul’s Urge or Hearts Desire), your Inner Self (Personality) number and your Total Expression number.



Week 3 :


Understanding the 9 year Cycle.


According to Numerology our lives progress through cycles which last for 9 years. The term 'Right Action' is applied to each of these years giving a different emphasis in each case. 

3 x 45 min Zoom sessions taken over 3 weeks